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LAB8050 Automatic Bottle Labeler

The LAB8050 Automatic Bottle Labeler is the best choice for labeling your bottles, jars and other cylindrical products automatically.
You have to adjust the system to your product and manually load it onto the system conveyor belt.
Everything else is done by the system. The LAB8050 bottle labeler labels your product accurately and quickly.

The unit is easy to use with the touch panel on the front of the system.
In addition, you can process your different products by means of quick and fast product changes.

This model was created especially for a production with limited space.
It can be used in production areas with limited space, as well as any other production area that needs to be efficient.

The exact position of the labeling as well as the good quality and stability are the main objectives of the development of this unit.

The unit is designed for a precise wrapping solution with exact label positioning features.

As the LAB8050 bottle labeler was built as a standalone unit, there is no need for any other components such as PCs or compressors.
Only one outlet is needed to connect the unit with power and it is ready to go.

You can control the bottle labeler with the easy-to-use operating system and thanks to the microprocessor you can control
speed up operation procedures and increase production efficiency without any delay.

If you want, you can also add a different printer function to this unit. You can print lot numbers, expiration dates, or any other number.

The LAB8050 is the right choice if you are looking for a compact machine with high efficiency that will get the job done.

Machine structure:

- Belt type conveyor

The LAB8050 bottle labeler uses a high-quality industrial belt that is durable and repels dirt.
It is built to have a long service life, so there is usually no need to change the belt.
But it is created to be changeable if the need to change really arises.

- Precise sensors

It is very important to use high quality fiber optic sensors.
Only in this way can we guarantee the best labeling result without interference.

- Precise labeling control

As we are using microprocessor controlled micro stepper motors we can achieve this efficiency with maximum precision.

- Quality and beauty

We are strictly following GMP standards so that the LAB8050 is made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
The sources of the material are from controlled suppliers that we make sure they come from safe and respectful sources with the environment.

- Simple mechanism adjustment

We install different flywheels for easy machine setup. You can easily change the formats of your products very quickly.

Operation and functions

- Easy to handle
The PLC-based control panel with touch screen allows easy operation of the machine.

- Five batch memory module
The memory module records the best label adjustment methods to increase productivity by speeding up the changeover process.

- Missing tag set
Prevent product from being mislabeled to ensure precision during production.

- Four speed selection
The conveyor belt and the dispensing process are synchronized for the most accurate labeling effect.







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