eSpring™ Water Treatment System

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• eSpring ™ is the world's leading brand of water treatment systems for kitchens *
(* Based on a Verify Markets study on global sales 2012)
· Three-stage treatment system combining proven and leading technologies.
· The patented carbon filter traps particles that are between 300 and 500 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair (* Patented in Italy; Note: The average thickness of a human hair is 60 to 100 microns)
· Instant activation technology: the UV lamp inside the cartridge is activated only when you turn the faucet on, thus allowing the water to flow unheated by the effect of UV light.
· Modern design, elegant, requires little space
· The tracking system lets you know if the filter and UV lamp are working properly, and will inform you when it's time to make the annual filter change.
· ESpring Water Treatment System with Auxiliary Faucet with a brand logo on the base and a stylish design that fits even in the most modern kitchens.
· The length of the pipes can be adjusted as desired.
· Units are shipped pre-assembled
· The eSpring system works with normal pressure water. It is installed under the sink, it is not visible.
· ESpring is the first water treatment system using inductive coupling technology and intelligent chip
· To power the UV lamp, the system uses the patented * eCoupled ™ wireless technology, which transmits electricity through air, water and plastic components without the need for direct-contact electrical connections. (* Patented technology in several European countries)
· The intelligent chip of the eSpring system enables direct and wireless communication with the individual cartridges, enabling the tracking system to recognize and display the operating conditions of the system and downloading important information from each individual cartridge, such as its usage time and capacity Remaining
· The eSpring Water Treatment System has more than 120 patents, granted or pending, worldwide



     Improves taste, smell and clarity.
     NEW! ESpring effectively reduces the drugs Atenolol and Ethinylestradiol (17-alpha ethinylestradiol).
     The filter cartridge is designed to meet the average drinking and cooking water requirements for a family of six for one year or 5000 liters whichever comes first.
     The patented monitoring system lets you know if the activated carbon filter and UV bulb work, and when it is necessary to make the annual cartridge change.
     Cartridge change is simple and requires no special tools.
     The UV bulb inside the cartridge turns on only when the faucet is opened, running cold water without heating with UV light.
     Includes a two-year warranty.


UV filter cartridge lamp contains mercury. Please dispose of it in accordance with local, state or federal laws.

Technical information

_27311__38754__19979__40285__38968__24335__27311__38754__19979__40285__38968__24335_Unit height: 327 mm nominal.
· Diameter: 178 mm nominal. Made of durable plastic that is resistant to strong impacts.
· Electrical input: 19 V DC, 3,16 A
· Replacement Filter (Ref. 100186): Compressed carbon block with internal UV lamp
· Materials: All wetted materials comply with FDA requirements for use in the transmission of liquids for human consumption.
· Maximum operating pressure: 860 kPa
· Minimum operating pressure: 104 kPa
· Maximum operating temperature: 30 ° C
· Minimum operating temperature: 4.4 ºC
· Rated service flow rate: 3.4 l per minute at 415 kPa water pressure with a new filter. (The actual flow rate will vary with the water pressure and the time the filter has been in service.)
· Shelf Life Evaluated: The filter is designed to meet the drinking and cooking needs of an average household for one year or 5000 l, whichever comes first.
NOTE: The actual life of the filter varies according to the amount of use and quality of the water supplied.
· Installation: Quick and easy.
· Filter change: Also fast and easy. It can be done by the user. It does not require sending the water treatment system to the factory to change filters.
· Tests: System tested and approved by NSF International and WQA with NSF / ANSI standards 42, 53 and 55



A video that illustrates how water flows through the eSpring unit and how it filters and purifies


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eSpring™ Water Treatment System eSpring™ Water Treatment System
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