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The most economical and versatile for all types of products shrink wrap option. Easy to install anywhere.
Small, ergonomic and effective. Easy to use and optimum results.
This machine can be used in virtually all types of products requiring a retractable packaging, such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and cosmetics, books, toys, electronics, etc ...
Quickly solve specific packaging needs. At one point you can prepare goods for sale or immediate presentation.
Perfect for installation in small rooms or areas with limited space availability as offices, supermarkets, laboratories, living prototypes, etc ...
Especially recommended for short or sporadic series, small productions, craftsmen, packaging samples, etc ...
It allows the packaging of small series of promotional items, make different combinations of products as appropriate at all times.
It can also be used as a bagger, not shrink.
You can use POF film, PVC, PP

Machine complies with CE standards

Integrates sealing and shrinking processes in one machine.
The clear bell can see the product throughout the process.
Based regulation to adapt the space shrink to the size of the product.
Minimal heat loss to the outside.
Welder nickel alloy which allows a perfect seal without adhesions.
Welder isolated by fiberglass.
Welder with manual arm movement, timed electromagnetic lock.
Impulse welding with welding time regulation.
Shrink-wrapping temperature - adjustable.
Cooling time welding - adjustable.
Transversely adjustable table preparation.
And flat coil support easily adjustable work when changing format.
Retraction plane with special mesh for better product presentation.
Adjustable welding system.
Micro piercing needle.
Microperforate wheel incorporates the film and facilitate shrink.
PPS switch overheating protection.
Lockable wheels for easy movement and fixing the machine.

Electronic control panel with digital buttons with selectable duty cycle , input parameters and memorization.
Automatic shrink Expulsación the product.
It incorporates an electrically powered conveyor belt .

Shrink Film Reel
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Manual shrinking machine R35S Manual shrinking machine R35S
OFFER - Now , just ... 399.99 € *
Manual Retractable machine, Modelo R80 Manual Retractable machine, Modelo R80
450.00 € *
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