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Manual cellophane (Width of sheet / roll: 280mm and 500mm)

The encephalers of the SpeedStar series are characterized and distinguished from the rest by offering their users the opportunity to achieve high quality in their productions without wasting time and money. One of the advantages of the SpeedStar 1 is that its handling is very simple because it is semi-automatic.
The SpeedStar 1 is capable of emcefalonar up to 150 packages / hour. Although it may seem like a difficult feat to achieve, it is entirely possible with a little practice. Watch the video and give your opinion!
Acquisition costs and low subsequent expenses
There is a great variability of prices between the bracelets of the market. In fact, the SpeedStar stands out from the rest for its low prices. One of its advantages is that you can use these rolls of industrial polypropylene because it is not necessary to use pre-cut sheets. And if that is not satisfied yet, think that the cellophane used to pack a single product costs less than one euro.
Therefore, with it you will see your production costs reduced considerably. Each sheet will cost you roughly one cent of a euro for each product you pack.

Flexible in formats
All packaging machines of the SpeedStar 1 series adapt to any type of product and use sheets up to 280 mm wide. If the roll is over, do not worry because it will only take two to three minutes to change it. Also, you will not have to worry about the mechanical parts of the device, because you do not have to change them!
We can send you a cutting unit if your production forces you to change the formats continuously. With it, you can cut the sheets with the measure you need.

Fast and accurate
This device adapts to any user, no matter if he has little or much experience, in one hour he can make up to 200 units easily.
This is the result:
It has nothing to envy to the seals that are achieved in the industrial field.
To show you what this machine can do, send us some of your products and we will return them in cellophane in a few days with professional finishes.
You will soon notice that the SpeedStar series overwrappers achieve the same quality as machines in the industrial field and at a lower cost.
We already have at your disposal also an element for the lateral sealing and thus be able to accelerate the production:
Due to the great variability of the lateral sealing that depends on the height of the product to be packed, we have different versions of this machine. That is why we would need you to send us the exact measurements of your product when you request the machine.

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Machine Model Sheet width / Roll: 280mm


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