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The Universal LAB510 will print and apply labels to a wide variety of products up to 4200 pieces per hour!


The Universal LAB510 will print and apply labels to a wide variety of products up to 4200 pieces per hour! The LAB510 can label any type of box, envelopes, cartons, phone or scratch off cards, lottery tickets, vouchers , in fact any product with a flat surface and a maximum height of 2,36” (60mm) and width of 12.4” (310mm).

Labels can be in either fan fold or reel format.
The LAB510 can be used as a standalone unit or in- corporated in a production conveyor line. Multiple units can be placed in line to form a complete tabbing, labelling and bar coding system.


The LAB510 can print and apply labels in any batch size in-house for highest flexibility. Use preprinted la- bels that match your CI and add any individual content later once you finalize the production run.

Also transparent labels can also be processed with this machine.


Automatic feeding (option FF510)

The FF510 hopper will dispense paper as thin as 80g/sqm, carton, plastic and Tyvek sleeves, Po- lybags, Ziplock bags, Jewel CD-Cases, DVD and GameBoxes, phone or credit cards and any other flat objects. The hopper automatically dispenses the products onto the coneyor belt where the pro- duct is labelled. The hopper can be refilled while the unit is running.

PA6 thermal printer

In addition to the automatic application of the label the combination of the LAB510 with the PA6 printer allows you to print individual content onto blank or preprinted labels. As soon as the label is dispensed it is directly applied onto the product. This allows the operator to produce individual jobs starting at as low as 1 piece per order. No matter if you print indi- vidual content like serial numbers or batch numbers or identical content like expiry date of this certain batch onto the product, the productions speed re- mains the same.

Tabber (option TT510)

The TT500 tabber option allows the LAB500 to ap- ply and fold sealing tabs/labels round the edge of cases, cartons and any open ends of cardboard sleeves. The tabs/labels can be paper or plastic, clear or solid.









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